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Site reporting onto a pdf file Android OS

$300.00 Fixed Price
by admin (n/a)
0 Proposals
ability to add/change letter head select details from list add/edit comments take pictures and add annotations above the picture each time a picture is taken, picture must be width of pdf draw circles and arrows edit all above on PC share and print pls see attached for an example

7 years ago

OCR, QR, BarCode, Scanner (Module or Set of Libraries) to be Integrated with Android App

$200.00 Fixed Price
by valuefactory (n/a)
0 Proposals
we are currently developing an App for an Inventory System for our Dealership. The App revolves around a VIN Scanner (Vehicle Identification System). We need an Optical character recognition (OCR) Scanner, QR, BarCode, Module to be integrated with our Android App. We would like to read VIN numbers, as well as Customer Names, Contract Names,…

7 years ago
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